Every Relationship Has Different Stages And Goes On At Its Own Pace. We Assume That Every Love Story Starts From Cute Little Dates Progressing To Frequent Meetups And Then Marrying Each Other, Which Is The Most Common Plot Of Love Stories In The Movies. But, Some Changes Do Take Place In Every Relationship Stage-Wise. So, Let Us Look Into These Changes In A Detailed Manner. There Are Five Significant Changes That Every Couple Experiences While In A Relationship: The Merge, The Doubt, The Denial, The Disillusionment, The Decision, And The Wholehearted Love. They Are Just Like A Set Of Seasons That Complete A Particular Year.

1. ‘The Merge’:

Also Known As The Honeymoon Phase, The Merge Is The First Stage Of Every Relationship. This Initial Stage Involves Sweeping Romance When A Couple Gets Together And Find Joy Through Intimacy. In This Stage Of A Relationship, Couples Usually Feel That They Have Found The Right Match For Each Other. Also, They Think That They Have Found Someone Similar To Them And Are Compatible Enough With Each Other. The Emotions Result From Biochemical Reactions In The Body With A Mixture Of Hormones That Depict Infatuation, Such As Endorphins, Dopamine, And Oxytocin. This Often Shows How A Couple Becomes Addicted To Each Other.

2. ‘The Doubt And Denial’:

Doubt And Denial Is The Second Stage In Every Relationship Where Both The Partners Try To Notice Differences In Each Other. It Is More Like Waking Up From A Dream Of Infatuation And Looking At Reality. The Things That Once Seemed Perfect And Completely Fine To A Couple Would Seem Weird And Annoying In This Relationship Stage. Also, There Might Be An Increase In Friction Resulting In Stress And Then Leading To Constant Fights. Sometimes, Both The Partners Might Question Themselves Why The Other Person Isn’t Like Them.

Doubt And Denial

3. ‘Disillusionment’:

Disillusionment Could Be The Winter Season Of Love And Thus The Third Stage In A Relationship. In This Stage, The Misunderstandings And Power Struggles That Were Unseen Are Pretty Evident And Open. While Some Couples Try Not To Invest Much Energy In The Relationship, On The One Hand, Some Of Them Become Vigilant All Of A Sudden And Gets Triggered With The Slightest Provocation Too. At This Stage, The Definition And The Experience Of Passionate Love Are Not Seen And Thus Is A Distant Memory. But, Some Couples Alert Themselves That Things Are Not Going The Right Way And Feel That They Must Be Corrected.

4. ‘Decision’:

The Fourth Stage Is Known As The Decision, As The Relationship Is At The Breaking Point. There Would Be Too Much Remoteness, Indifferences, And Constant Emotional Breakdowns. Both The Partners Either Get Ready To Start A New Relationship With Someone Else Or Try To Be In The Current One And Work On It.


5. ‘Wholehearted Love’:

After Experiencing All The Stages Of Love And Still Deciding To Stay Back Will Be The Last And Forever Stage Of Every Relationship. So, In This Stage, A Couple Starts To Rebuild The Bonding That They Had!