The initial phase of a relationship can be tricky to navigate, or you might end up making mistakes that can foil your dreams of walking into the sunset with the love of your life. A brand-new relationship comes with unlimited possibilities, discoveries, and potential.

When starting out with your new partner and entering a whirlwind romance, there are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind.
Set your expectations straight
Work up your deal-breakers into conversations and express the dreams and hopes you have for yourself. Stay clear on whether it is a long-term relationship you hope for, or you see this more as a casual fling. Ask whether your partner wants a marriage in the future so that you are not caught off-guard a year after dating.

Leave the past in the past

Perhaps, somebody has broken your heart in the past. It is sometimes a coping mechanism to bring up the old securities and fears to maintain distance from any future relationship. All this distrust and anxiety are only keeping you from your happiness. Focus on your partner’s qualities and learn to trust them. History does not always repeat itself.

Do not be desperate for a relationship

This is a common error many commit because they just like the idea of a relationship. When you are so focused on finding a partner, there is a high chance that you will settle for less than you deserve and overlook flaws or red flags.


Meet their friends

Meeting your partner’s friends early on in the relationship is essential. It can give you some insight into their personalities and allow you to see something new. It also establishes a mutual friendship if you gel well with their friends’ group.

Do not lose yourself

Try not to pretend to be someone you are not. It will prevent you from the impending heartbreak of finding out later on that they might not be a good match for you. Maybe you are not the horror movies gal, or your vibe with Taylor Swift. Never be afraid to admit anything, even if you find it immensely embarrassing. Express yourself the way you really are.

Notice the red flags

Notice the red flags

If you catch them lying or say something horrible about their ex, run for the hills. Ignoring these red flags will only keep you attached to a ticking time bomb and hurt you twice as much later in the relationship. Listen to your partner’s feelings, and even if you happen to misjudge your partner, talk it out with them.

In conclusion

While you are reveling in a fairytale romance, having an occasional reality check too. Prioritize your needs and work actively towards improving your relationship by having clear communication with your partner. It will only deepen your connection with them and would intensify the romance, much to mutual liking.